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Outwardly his triumph not having shown (in order to “not razdressirovyvat”), reassured “cut to the quick” voice as talking with ragged knee detsadnitsey whimper: “Everything, everything.

Either that or you’d just curl up under the blankets.

Either possibility was likely to happen; though the king-size bed was definitely calling your name.

I slowly drink undiluted martini – I do not remember exactly what I then came up with – exactly how I convinced Vasya move our rendezvous for another time, but here‘s how we stand a few meters away from the tent, I see quite clearly: spring, trees still bare.

the sky floating clouds, and beneath these floating clouds two men in uniform standing near the tent against each other – they are talking about something , one of the guys and then laughs.

Well, in general, so could no longer continue, and I turned to friends for help. After long discussions and fourth bottle of vodka to Diman got the idea to scare Nadya.

To tell the truth we Dimka master of invention, plus everything obsessed detective, so that plan went out abruptly every movie.

And after the fifth bottle of vodka, I agreed with him.

Winding my way round dead man’s curves at unsafe speeds all the way up a Malibu mountaintop to meet Caitlyn Jenner, I asked myself, Who would live here except a recluse?

Cut off from the rest of the world, high above it all, looking down from her own Mount Olympus — is there more than a metaphor at work here?

Or is she just a rich broad who likes her privacy and can afford to live above the clouds, and why not?

“Yes, my journey is different than most people,” Jenner tells me, as we begin our conversation discussing her docu-series on E! “To be honest with you, I don’t really talk to the media.

This is very rare,” Jenner reminds me early in our hour-long conversation in her fluffy white living room.