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Well grounded and effective advice, goes beyond attracting women to building a better life for the long term, lots of practical tips on areas men typically find difficult e.g. Some mindsets could ultimately be limiting (for advanced only), the broader 'life focus' could be overwhelming for some men - and will be overwhelming for most beginners or men new to dating advice and personal development.Full of solid advice not just for meeting and attracting women and developing your dating life, but becoming a better and more satisfied man.

For the experienced or advanced it contains a lot of challenging ideas to stretch yourself, and to push yourself to get more out of your dating journey.For beginners, its likely to be a little overwhelming - so we recommend you get started with a quick start book like "Make Women Want You" first, rather than this.Mark Manson's "Model's: Attract Women through Honesty" is a pretty comprehensive system for attracting and dating women and becoming a better man.Within its pages Mark has crammed a lot of information that covers everything from what the journey is all about, to what attracts women to practical advice on how to approach, attract and date women.As I read through this book, I realized that it contains most of the really good practical advice that was originally exchanged between men in the pickup artist community the Mystery Method became popular - but that never made it into commercial training programs or books later on.It also adds to that a fair amount of innovative material, in particular where it comes to mindsets and how to integrate all this stuff into your life.

At over 300 pages this is a large book which covers a lot of topics.It covers most of the important things really well.If I were to list the things that have made a significant impact to my success in the game, this book, just on its own, would cover probably 80% of them.Throughout its pages Mark strips away the details telling you the big things to focus on, and this is all really solid advice.If you do everything that is pointed out in this book there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you will get better and better results.The fact that this is basically a "complete dating system in a box" makes this great for beginners or intermediates who don't have a complete picture of everything it takes to improve their results with women and dating in general.