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As owner surrenders these 12 Malinois would be euthanized prior to any other dogs at the shelter. A few foster offers began to trickle in but what to do with the dogs until they could be transported?

Thanks must go to Animal Advocates of Howard County, their donation will cover, at least in part, the initial expense of boarding.Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue have been pillars of support.By the 31st the dogs had all been moved to temporary boarding and the work of cleaning up Malinois that were filthy had begun!When our rescued, cleaned up guys and gals continued to lay in their feces, MAGSR loaned us their Kuranda Beds, not in current use, and suddenly our dogs are using them and staying clean. The MAGSR Volunteers are also assisting in helping us walk our Malinois.The last week of March started as any other week for Rescue but that all changed on the 28th!One of our coodinators was notified by email of a *forced* owner surrender in Maryland.

The original estimate was there would be 7 Malinois that would need to be taken into rescue!

The final tally was Twelve dirty, covered in feces, stinking, flea infested Malinois!

The Baltimore Malinois are now ALL in various stages of rehabilitation from recovering health to Adopted! (Please no Care Packages to this address) ABMR Charitable Trust - Rescue Fund c/o Jim Moses 21710 Cove Point Farm Road Tilghman Island, MD 21671 The Baltimore Malinois LOVE their Kuranda Beds!

NONE of which could have been achieved without each and every person that helped, from intake to fostering to contributing to the Rescue Expenses. Bobby (07/03/07) - Baby Girl, now Nikki (05/01/07) - Cody (05/06/07) - Flame (05/02/07) - Jodie (05/02/07) - Lucky, now Brody (05/18/07) - Storm (11/09/07) - Sunny (09/01/07) - Thunder (05/03/07) - Will (01/22/08) - Bailey (09/12/07) Donate with a credit card or electronic check through Guide Star's secure server. Bobby Lounging By the end of the day our Rescue machine, AKA Foster Families and ABMR Members, had kicked in!

All of these dogs are very fortunate to have Rescue Supporters like *Each and Every one of YOU! Our normal procedure with a Malinois in a shelter is to appeal for a foster home prior to obtaining the release of the Malinois.

This time we did not have the option of doing that! A foster volunteer evaluated the Malinois and while all were scared each would approach her for treats and even showed some interest in the toy she took with her.

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