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The Child and Youth Care Association of BC (CYCABC) was started way back in 1969.

There's a place for you to contribute to your field and make it stronger.

Have a voice in your work community and support fellow child and youth care workers from across the province. The CYCABC is pleased to announce from the 2016 Canadian National Child and Youth Care Conference in Halifax, NS: British Columbia will be hosting the 20th Canadian National Child and Youth Care Conference + 12th Triennial International Child and Youth Care Conference in 2018 Transitions and Transformations: influencing change through relational practice.

Get involved and come to one of our training or networking events. Proudly hosted by the Child and Youth Care[…] While we continue to update the website, please send feedback directly to [email protected](Web/Social) We are working to update info for 2016, including a very special announcement to be made at the Canadian National CYC Conference taking place this week in Halifax.

A teacher is accused of having sex with a student and, like many times before, cell phone calls and texting reportedly had a role in sexually abusing a minor. Detectives from the Moon Township Police Department said they found nude pictures of Beth Ann Chester on the teen's cell phone along with text messages.

The same cell phones that parents buy as safety devices for their children are the gadgets that pedophiles and predators use to prep kids for sexual encounters, experts and police say. Chester faces 14 charges, including three counts of sexual abuse of a child and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.

teacher admitted to having sex with a 14-year-old student in the school's parking lot.

Robert Del Greco, Chester's attorney, declined CNN's request for a comment.

His client has a preliminary hearing on January 22.

Before cell phones, laptops and Sidekicks -- a Black Berry-like device for the younger, hipper crowd -- someone might have noticed that a teacher was "grooming" a child, or being way too attentive, too often. Now, teachers have weeks, months and years to secretly undermine a child's parents and get a student to go along with sexual contact.

"The fact is a teacher can show absolutely zero outward signs of interest in a child, but because of technology, they can have an ongoing relationship and no one would know," said Ted Thompson, the executive director for the National Association to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Children. They warn their kids about the risk, but they give cell phones a nod.

A New York mom, who requested anonymity because her kids don't know about her surveillance, said she uses software to regularly check her children's e-mail and online activity on the home computer.

But she also gave her kids cell phones that have texting and photographic capability.