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03-Mar-2015 02:55 by 9 Comments

Free imagechat - Xdatind

Image Chef has it all - Tattoos, Tree Carvings, Team Jerseys, Word Mosaics, id cards, photo frames, sketchpads, animations, license plates and much much more.However - all the free versions have either limited resolution or watermarks on the images. You can also link your images with Facebook and other social networks.

Joining groups is a great way to share your work in a community of like minded individuals as well as get inspired by other users.

In addition to groups there are many user created templates that you can work with.

So with Image Chef you have frequent updates because of this large community of users.

You also have an option for an Apple i Phone or i Pad version of Imagechef.

Pick photos from your library, or take a fresh one with the i Phone's camera.

Once you pick your picture, just swipe your finger and scroll through all of the scenes with your photo already applied!

Select preview and you have your image ready for downloading or sharing on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

You can also download a visual poetry application for your Apple device.

I have also found a similar application for your Android device, but it not from Imagechef.

The internet is full of meme's and Imagechef certainly helps you create memes.

From animals, to baby faces, to celebrities - and almost everything in between you can find a meme for your tastes.

Then simply select your text and you have your meme!