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with tips and tactics to help me safely get out of 10 different situations.Just fill in the form to the right and click the button to receive your FREE Trial Issue.

You'll pay nothing, and the FREE issue is yours to keep.If you enjoy POLICE, pay only for a full one-year subscription (12 issues in all). His lead-teachers Cesar Ferro of Turin and Galileo Chini at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence (1928–1932) were among the most influential fine artists of the time in Italy.In 1933, he successfully completed his studies with a degree in Monumental and Decorative Painting.Chips and Rookie, the reprehensible conduct of the officers involved in trading the photographs as well as those who knew it was occurring but failed to stop it far more than merits their firing.I hope the investigation flushes as many turds out of their departments' punch bowl as possible.

No one who would engage in or tolerate such behavior by those in uniform should be anywhere near a badge.Anything short of full accountability by all of those involved would do nothing but widen the rift between law enforcement and the public it is meant to serve. have way more problems to solve than some nude [email protected] Dip and The Rookie By the comments you made, you are the very type that would drag down a good PD. The 5 year CHP Trooper has got to pay the piper & it's on him. The newer breed are book & social media smart with minimum actual street smarts. Educated with very little Common Sense you youngsters are.I can only hope that what ever stupid antics you are involved in, that it does not compromise the integrity of a Law Enforcement agency. I wonder who complained about the officer and how are the photos considered stolen if they are for public view. But when you bring other wise good Officers down for the hell of it I don't agree. Some of the reason why so many problems are occurring in L. Kind of why I survived 24 years with only 3 days ever suspended, 1 IA, & 2 write ups. POLICE Magazine does not tolerate comments that include profanity, personal attacks or antisocial behavior (such as "spamming" or "trolling").Folks were talking California here people here (not all but some ) walk around and drive around nude all the time. Mike & Magnus Canis, When was the last time you looked at nudie pictures, Yesterday? If a fellow Officer showed you downloaded pictures you thought were from his phone you'd be looking. This and other inappropriate content or material will be removed.We reserve the right to block any user who violates this, including removing all content posted by that user.

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