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Recently, I have had the opportunity to view gay-themed indie movies and it all started with getting an invite from Lex Bonife for Little Boy, Big Boy.Since then, I have watched both Pipo and Bayaw (which I will both review in the next weeks).

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For an indie film, it allows the filmmakers to have a closer interaction with their audience.

Not being picky, I was a bit confused with Juan traveling from his rented room to where he was working as a performer.

He stopped over in Manila to buy a can of biscuits.

Normally, these biscuits are purchased on the bus station itself prior to boarding the bus especially since it is a bit cumbersome to carry around the city.

I did found the song that accompanied Juan while contemplated by the bridge in Manila truly appropriate. The story had revolved around Juan who had decided to return to Masbate after struggling in Manila for three years only to have ended up as a masseur / sex performer for lack of an easy way to earn money.

It shows how the lead character interacts with his neighbors and partner as he says his goodbyes.

Then leads to his trip to what is supposedly his last day of work as a performer in a private gay club.

For me, it was not a struggle of deciding whether to push through with returning home to his province or not.

It was acceptance of his decision and pushing through with it.

You know he is struggling however his life in Manila brought him a lot of friends including a partner.

His decision is rooted on the family he left behind.

Ironically in the end, the situation he allowed himself to be in takes the decision out of his hands.

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    The film won many awards and, thanks to the critical success, Probst was selected as one of 2001's "Ten Directors to Watch" in a series presented by the American Cinematheque showcasing innovative and exciting new directors from around the world.

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