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As neighbors who do tree service came by to help, so didn't the news crew and got some footage. If you saw the trek from point A to point B where he was..was sooo the rest of the lake..was awesome.... Wouldn't go out there with something heavy (hummer, bradley, or 600 lb ice hut). I'm ready to come for my yearly ice fishing at Fire Rd 8 Rockledge Rd. I/we never catch fish,if so we put them carefully back.The house is white with black shutters and it just so happens that my mother and brother were sitting in the living room on that side of the house that evening. Regarding the 100mph ride, you all seem confused... I was not interested in Going to it's top speed of 120+ Speed kills ..only sometimes. I would appreciate ANY info/advice concerning the road and ice conditions before this weekend.

Most of the ice fishing shacks were taken off the lake today. You can see it, if Mike puts it up on Borestone webcam today. a friend of mine use to zip around on his rice rocket back in the early 90's. He looked at me and with a straight face said, listen, if I'm goin 55 and someone hits me I'm dead anyway so I might as well do a hundred. He obviously did not consider the danger he presented to other motorists. One day the fire dept will be hosing your remains off the road. This Machine is the quickest thing I have ever ridden! From the west shore of Tim's cove out to the markers 100 M. ABS really kicking in down the big hill then all ice shaped much like slot car racing as someone had been in after rain and rutted it up then it snowed..get the rest. Sunday, windy and light snow, sooo pretty on the lake. An ice sailing craft keeps going through the Narrows at a high rate of speed . I opened (scrolled down) to that lovely picture of snow capped trees near Greeley's Landing.

It might be a good thing to get all others off Sunday? They are not plowing the dirt camp roads as they are soft as the frost is coming out of the ground and do not want to stave them up . smokey Went into camp this week end, in Tim's cove. Saturday was beautiful, out on ice all day watching a friend fish, caught 2 and set them free. Put chains on the FJ to climb out, but would have made it without them. Mike you may have it on one of the webcams I got a picture of it but have no way of putting it on the site. Makes me think of three lines from Robert Frost's, "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening," The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

The temps are above frezing and it does not look good for fishing in the near future. Be Careful as Bog brook is overflowing, Open water at the shore lines. If you are going on the ice be careful along the shore lines as the water is on the rise. Our friend and neighbor encouraged Me to take His Polaris "F8" for a blast. We checked a bunch of other camps along Tim's well. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep,... forgive me if you've explained and I've been absent from reading all posts...

Only 2 more months 'til we open up for the season!! And I saw my reflection, and I said to myself, "Frosty, I think you are a poor excuse for a snowman," and then I said, "but I still love you" :) Awe... Wishin I wez theya WOW, leave it to Mike..job..oh so aweful way to perish... Diver to Search for Bodies in Sebec Lake - Lewiston Evening Journal Dover-Foxcroft, Jan 4 [1937] AP A strong current racing through the Sebec lake "narrows" today delayed officials in their search for bodies of a mother and son believed drowned when their automobile broke through thin ice.

If you have been wondering why I haven't been around lately, well, you see, I decided the other night to be a little bold and walk where the ice was a little thin and I know I should've known better and all but being that I am a snowman I think that I can get away with more things.

Like I tried tip toeing along thinking that the ice wouldn't remember that someone was walking on it and then I heard this loud cracking sound and down I went.

Luckily, I pulled myself out, but I sure won't be doing that any time soon.

I got soaking wet and my friend Mr Squirrel, well he was just too busy sitting on the bird feeder eating his corn to come to my aid, so he just let me sit there freezing cold while he rubbed it in that I should've known better. "Friends don't let their friends die with their hair in place" Hey: Tuesday February 23, 2010 PM Cuz they would be in jail...

But, I decided to forgive him cause most of the time he does pull for me and in a snowman's world there is only room for love. at least in our day, the cops and even our parents had a sense of humor...

Frosty Kittery, Maine Well, it seems that my mother's house got a loud bang the other, one which made it on the channel 6 news. I had no idea that this was going to be such a big hairy deal. What hair I still have is not always in place, acting My age has never been My clame to fame, I'm 51 Hey a.m. Maine has no speed limits for this stuff, I was suprised to learn. I think a lot of the cops would slap their head and say "Why didn't I think of that?

My dad planted a blue spruce years ago when I was a little girl. I was mistaken, the sled was not a Polaris it was an Arctic cat 800cc "Snow Pro" F8. I've yet to win the Darwin award, like "Sparky" I'll keep trying. The is the sled in it's stock form and to our TC friend on the sled, I only have one thing to say: "You Lucky stiff! " Life is not meant to be perfectly smooth, with your hat in place, you skid to the grave and yell, lets do it again!

It blew over the other night, laying itself across the right side of the house, knocking off the power box. Bob I'm the guy who rode the the sled in Tim's Cove at 100 M. I'm no sled expert, I should have the sled's Owner log on to describe this machine in more detail. Sorry Troll and CD, I was there and witnessed it you weren't...