Friend dating ex boyfriend

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Friend dating ex boyfriend - dating football player high school

But now that we decided to end the affair, he couldn't help but bring back his feelings and confess them before I hook up with someone else.I told him I am not comfortable with it cos he is my ex's best friend, so my ex will feel kind of betrayed if he finds out and that I don't want to be the subject of a break in their friendship tide.

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So I asked him to discuss it with my ex, so as to know his position.

He did that, and told me that my ex is indifferent about it, that my ex said he(my ex's friend) can ask me out if he wants to.

I thought I will be relieved after hearing this, but I'm more confused instead.

Please advice me on what to do.~Planned work~ ur ex is simply bored wit u and don't u no more.

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/ Kissed By My Boyfriend's Best Friend (1) (2) (3) (4) My boyfriend and I broke up two weeks ago.Before the break-up, his best friend has been the one mediating between us for close to a month, making efforts to ensure that the bond between us isn't broken but his efforts proved abortive, we eventually had to dissolve the affair.A week after the relationship crumbled, my ex boyfriend's friend asked me out!I was amazed and confused, that how can the guy helping to mend our affair suddenly become interested in me??He said he had conceived emotional feelings for me long ago but he couldn't confess because I was already dating his friend.So he took solace in the fact that he cannot marry me.