Fuck sites without cridit card

29-May-2016 13:50 by 4 Comments

Fuck sites without cridit card - advice dating paraplegic woman

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So you go through the steps of signing up, filling in your details, upload your pictures.

Then when you try to communicate with a member WHAM!

You are hit with the 'upgrade' page asking for your credit card. Trying to come up with a list of 100% free dating site where no credit card is needed or required was a pretty tall order but I think I did a good job.

its tells you its free then thy want your credit card information i dont understand how that proves your age a minor could get there parents card and easily get in so thats bs about age verification.

so does some one no of a site thats free and does'nt ask i do hav credit cards but i dont trust the sites they...

so does some one no of a site thats free and does'nt ask i do hav credit cards but i dont trust the sites they say free but who knows they might charge me? They may say its free, but I'll bet somewhere in the fine print they have a way of charging you.