Get laid chat room

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Get laid chat room

” read the Ok Cupid message from Odin’s Thirst Trap, a 20-year-old blond living in Stockholm.“It’s what all the kids here use.” I was traveling to Sweden to write and to get laid, not necessarily in that order.

I downloaded an app for the T-Bana, the Stockholm Metro, because it was free.

Before hearing about it from Odin’s Thirst Trap, a creamy éclair of a Swede with milk-fed skin and the kind of wide-eyed blondness that would make for the third-favorite member of a boy band, I’d no knowledge of Kik.

I downloaded the Kik app and created a profile because I wanted to communicate with Odin’s Thirst Trap — and, as it turned out, every Swedish guy I met through Ok Tinder. No, I’d written back to Odin’s Thirst Trap, I’ll get it.

If you’re an over-18 American, chances are you’ve never heard of Kik.

A messaging app with about 275 million worldwide users, Kik offers a baseline level of secrecy, a terrible reputation with law enforcement, and a huge popularity with teens.

Launched in 2009 by Canadian tech company Interactive, Kik is unusual for its anonymity.

You don’t have to provide a telephone number to create an account, and the app automatically deletes messages after a short, undisclosed amount of time.

Kik’s ideal if you’re having an affair, or if you’re looking for one; it identifies people only by their profiles and it allows you to message anyone with a public profile.

It is precisely the kind of technology that gives parents the howling fantods — or would, if they knew about it.

Not for nothing, Kik flies under the parental radar.

Unlike Snapchat, another app for sharing evanescent moments, most adults have never heard of Kik; unlike i Message, Kik doesn’t allow parents to monitor their kids’ messages from their own i Phones or i Pads.

Moreover, Kik eludes parental monitoring software, so the only way that parents can check their kid’s Kik account is to sign into it on their kid’s device.

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