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Still, complaints are rising about Skype: the influence Microsoft will have, the rise of paid features, and application bloat have all made many of you wary enough to look for alternatives.

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Plus, many of you highlighted Google Talk's high performance on systems with varying specs, even low-end machines.

i Chat is Apple's home-grown instant messaging client.

The app has come a long way over the years, starting off as just an OS X native AIM client and eventually growing to support multiple chat networks and video and audio conferencing over Apple's own Bonjour networks, AOL's network, and over Google Talk.

i Chat also supports screen sharing and application presentation.

Thanks to video chat, staying in touch with friends, loved ones, and colleagues anywhere in the world has never been easier.

Here's a look at five of the most popular applications that allow you to get a little face-time with your boss while you work from home, or say hello to a loved one who's away on a business trip.

On Thursday, we asked you to tell us which applications you turned to when you wanted real-time video chat.We did our own tests for the Battle of the Video Chat Applications, but just because we liked our winner doesn't mean that you did.You answered the call, we collected the votes, and now we're back to highlight the top five apps you nominated.Regardless of the fact that the service was recently purchased by Microsoft, Skype is clearly still one of the most popular video chat services available today.It's cross-platform, available for mobile devices, and it's easy to use.Plus, the fact that it's so commonly used makes it easy to get started.

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