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hooked the pictures she sent you may not even be of her..

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i really do not have much experience.from what my thai gf says this is not even close to normal behavior..cautious, i was once told that thailand has some of the best scammers in the world and i have experienced that they will lie to save their reputation (even when it is obvious they are lying, they will not give it up).may not be true for all thai girls but i have spent a few months with girls from all over thailand and this is just my experience i had this happen to me once before too...i dont know why they do it but it turned me off and it obviously turned you off too idea why hey say things like that ...i have noticed though that some of these girls do fall pretty hard and fast ..i dont know if its a scam or what it is but it isnt that unusual in my experience ,,its sort of like once they make their mind up on you they seem to revert to a sort of high school love ... Not so sure it is always about scamming, but it always makes my alarms go off.

I did fall in love in three days, once, when I was 21, face to face in pressure cooker close quarters environment. So I know it is possible for a person to get very intense feelings very quickly indeed.

The thing I'd be wary of in your case is that you've been clear about your boundaries and the Lady seems to be ignoring what you've said.

THAT is not a quality you want in a partner, surely. One Englishman I know chatted for the first time with a Thai girl.

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Hi, I started talking with this nice 39 year old lady online six days ago.

I liked her because she seemed to be very open and kind and I appreciated her effort to communicate with me in English as well.The thing is after 6 days she was telling me she loves me and emailing me constantly.I told her I was uncomfortable with this that I just wanted to talk.Now just today she said she skipped going to the movies with her daughter to wait for my email and is constantly sending me emails asking me what's wrong? back off do not worry about hurting her feelings as it is only cyber anyway not real.She even sent me a picture I had sent her back with a bunch of her pictures surrounding it (like 30). I don't want to offend her but I also don't want her putting her life on hold for me either... she may be writeing to many men and trolling for someone to respond to her bait.If one is so desperate that they believe her, they she has you.