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As of Monday, Facebook Graph Search is open to the masses. The first hit returned for the first search I tried this morning — “Movies my friends who live in Berkeley like” — was Josh Kornbluth’s memoir of growing up with Communist parents, “Red Diaper Baby.” An entire city, condemned to crushing stereotype with just one Facebook search! Graph Search is Facebook’s ambitious attempt to turn your social network into a personalized search engine.When it was first announced in mid-January, I wrote that it “looks like a big deal, a way for Facebook to exploit everything it knows about you and your network of friends to deliver customized search results that Google can’t touch.” I also called it one of the most powerful tools for stalking yet invented. There are more Limbaugh fans in my extended network than porn film fans! For Facebook Graph Search to work at its full potential, however, it helps if everyone in your network has “liked” lots of stuff. Facebook is not yet at the point where it can parse your hand-crafted status updates intelligently and catalog you as, for example, “someone who likes to make jokes about martini olives” or “someone who thinks Wes Anderson movies are overrated.” Graph Search is only as powerful as your friends’ willingness to share information about themselves.

Facebook allows you to slice and dice your network with astonishing ease. You can also search through photo albums that have been made public. “Friends of my friends who like Edward Snowden Support Page”? But if your friends think of Facebook as an adjunct of the national surveillance state, well, maybe not so dandy. That’s the price we pay for our social network connectivity.For example: “Photos of single men taken in California.” Oh, the douchebaggery. Maybe it’s time to be a little less promiscuous in your “liking.”But don’t even think of trying to opt out completely from Graph Search. And as Facebook gets smarter in digging through our photos and status updates, the network will know more and more.We have so much to be embarrassed about, and now Facebook makes it easier than ever to find it. Graph Search isn’t hype: It’s a powerful tool that will only get more powerful.Dating in this day and age is not the same as what our parents experienced.The days of marrying the neighborhood boy or girl are becoming almost non-existent.Now we have more options of people to choose from, whether it’s at work, school, or being the new person in town.

Today it is common to meet someone across the city, the country, and even the world thanks to the Internet and social media.Online dating websites have grown, with more competing sites available to very specific wants and likes of others.Yet there are singles, which avoid the online dating scene or feel burnt out altogether. A site which not only many of us check on a daily basis and quite frankly have become addicted to, but a site that can easily connect us to thousands of singles within a few seconds.Some fear the negative feelings toward online dating; along with the embarrassment of others finding out they have online Dating Profiles. How can you easily find thousands of singles in your area? Facebook recently introduced their new “Graph Search” which now allows you to search for singles with a tool similar to what you would find on a dating site.Singles who are skeptical of joining an online dating site, don’t realize there is a very popular website that is accessible to everyone, and is free to browse Single Men and Single Women. This particular website has been around for years, AND along with 128 million active daily users in the U. The graph search allows you to type a phrase into a search bar, such as “Single men who live in Phoenix, Arizona”, and suddenly thousands of profiles of single men in Phoenix will appear in a few seconds. The results display singles’ photo along with other basic information such as occupation and a list of mutual friends. Find out more information about your desired target.And why are mutual friends important when you are looking for Mr. The mutual friends indicator is a huge benefit because you can find out more info through your mutual friend. If you’re feeling daring – ask your mutual friend for an easier introduction to her!