Gridview rowupdating event code

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Gridview rowupdating event code - yugoslavia love dating

I have a Grid View that is being databound to a Data Set.Some fields in the Grid View is then being modified using javascript.

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Right now, on submitting the gridview, I can see that the value of the changed field is properly posted back: Hi! But I really wanted to use the dataset directly, so that I can pass it to a dataadapter for updating the database table.If I manually extract the values, then I would have to re-build the dataset.There must be some way of automatically synchronizing the dataset with the current gridview values.Hi Data binding theory for gridview says that you can edit only one item (row ) at a time, and you can set that using Edit Item Index, when you add an Edit button in row with command name = Edit then it will make the row in edit mode automatically and its updated, In your case you are updating the stuff manually by using javascript, so you have to rethink about the stuff, in every update if you ajaxically postback and update your dataset and finally in final update you can update your database using adapter, you can do that by using row editing, row updating etc events of the grid view to do this.hope this helps Since I am using javascript to update the rows (not using edit buttons with rows) I'm not sure if those events are actually ever fired.Also, I'm not using ajax to postback, I'm only posting the results back when the user is finished and clicks the submit button. What I'm trying to achieve is to display some rows to the user including a money value, then let the user add or subtract an amount to that value by putting the value to add in a textfield and clicking a button "add", which adds this amount to the money value.

I want to to this adding client side for efficiency.Then I want the user to submit the new values and update the table using a dataset. Hi Tenacious G, I am not sure how you update data in Data Set using javascript, but if you update data successfully in Data Set, you need to rebind Grid View again after updating to change the data source to new one.Then the data in Grid View will be rebound with updated data.I guess the problem is you always bind the original Data Set to Grid View, so updating will not be displayed after updating.If you still have the issue, please show the updating code and the binding code.Thanks, The issue is not in updating the gridview to match the datasource, but to update the dataset behind it to match the gridviews values.

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