Helps process consolidating new memories

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Helps process consolidating new memories - visually impaired and blind singes dating

The act of sleeping basically isolates the individual's brain from all stimuli that could possibly hinder the storage of memory.

The researchers noted that dopaminergic activity is responsible for regulating the different forms of plasticity, or the brain's ability to adapt to learning and the formation of memory.

They also identified that this ability also facilitates the forgetting of memories as well.

Findings show that increased sleep, either through stimulation of the sleep circuit of the brain or sleep-promoting drugs, helps reduce the signaling activity of dopamine while improving the retention of memory as well.

An increase in arousal, on the other hand, helps raise the activity level of dopamine and accelerates the process of forgetting.

A new study conducted by the Scripps Research Institute suggests that sleeping can help improve the ability of the brain to retain memory.

It suppresses the activity of certain nerve cells that cause forgetfulness in people.

( People who want to have better memory retention should look to have more sleeping time, according to a new research.Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have found that sleep helps suppress the function of nerve cells that cause forgetfulness in people.Ronald Davis, chair of the neuroscience department at TSRI and lead investigator of the study, said that while previous research have tried to determine how people learn and retain information, less focus was given on the effects of forgetting, which is a primary function of the brain.This could also potentially affect the development of therapeutics for memory.Davis added that their research combines the neuroscience of forgetting, which is the study of how the brain is able to forget information, and the psychology of forgetting into a singular concept.In earlier studies, researchers suggested that sleep allowed the brain to retain memory by eliminating interference produced by behavioral and mental activity.

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