High school teachers dating their students

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High school teachers dating their students

But, he said, the teacher was merely reprimanded.'In addition, we have initiated a comprehensive review of our existing policies, protocols and training and education materials to prevent this from happening again at this or any district school,' the statement said.

Building on the Pew Internet Project’s prior work about how people use the internet and, especially, the information-saturated digital lives of teens, this research looks at teachers’ experiences and observations about how the rise of digital material affects the research skills of today’s students.Overall, teachers who participated in this study characterize the impact of today’s digital environment on their students’ research habits and skills as mostly positive, yet multi-faceted and not without drawbacks.Among the more positive impacts they see: the best students access a greater depth and breadth of information on topics that interest them; students can take advantage of the availability of educational material in engaging multimedia formats; and many become more self-reliant researchers.At the same time, these teachers juxtapose these benefits against some emerging concerns.Five teachers have been suspended from a high school after alleged sexual relationships between three male teachers and their female students were exposed, with the principal and vice principal of the school accused of covering it up.Six months ago, a student came to New Jersey Triton High School Principal Catherine De Paul with the disturbing story - she believed another student was involved in a sexual relationship with a teacher at the school, and she had seen explicit text messages the two had exchanged.

At that moment, local prosecutors say, a cover-up was put in motion that ultimately unraveled on Thursday when the principal, vice principal and three teachers were charged with offenses ranging from child endangerment to sexual assault and official misconduct.

Math teacher Dan Michielli, 27, right, gym teacher and soccer coach Nick Martinelli, 28, center, and math teacher and track coach Jeff Logandro, 32, left, are accused of having sex with or inappropriately touching students at Triton High School Math teacher Dan Michielli, 27, gym teacher and soccer coach Nick Martinelli, 28, and math teacher and track coach Jeff Logandro, 32, are accused of having sex with or inappropriately touching students at the school.

Sexual relationships between teachers and students are not uncommon, but what distinguished the alleged events at Triton High was the inaction by administrators who ignored policies and safeguards that were in place and instead allowed a culture 'where teachers thought they could get away with improper relationships with their students', according to Camden County Prosecutor Warren Faulk.'Everyone knew about this in one way or another, but no one ever said a word to us,' Bud Burke, 18, told the website.

'One day the teachers were here, the next day they weren't, and we had no answers.' Camden County Prosecutor: Warren W.

Faulk announced yesterday that three teachers and two administrators at a New Jersey high school have been arrested on charges stemming from allegations involving sex with students Authorities say that De Paul asked her to write an account of what she had heard and that Assistant Principal Jernee Kollock stayed with the student to help her write the statement, even helping her with her grammar - but also making it seem less serious.

Around the same time, Faulk said, De Paul learned one of the teachers had driven an alleged victim and another student to Ocean City in violation of district policy.