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People who have strong emotional and sexual feelings to more than one sex often describe themselves as bisexual.

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Difference and diversity is part of being alive, and not just for people - plenty of animals have diverse sexual preferences.There is a huge amount of people who identify themselves as same-sex attracted – about one in ten people! Some people who are same-sex attracted say that from the time they were very young they “felt different”.Some even remember having crushes on friends of their own sex when they were little.Often it takes a while to put a name to their feelings – to begin thinking of themselves as gay, lesbian, or bisexual or similar kinds of identities.- Well it seems that the powerful, aggressive homobigot lobby is sending their Gaystapo Sharia Police to bash, bully, make arson threats, and now make death threats against the small pizza restaurant business in Indiana because they refused to be forced against their will to engage in expression promoting the vile homosexual sex acts chosen lifestyle.As it has become quite clear, the gaystapo are not about tolerance.

Instead they refuse to live and let live, they refuse to confine their disease ridden sex acts lifestyle to bedrooms, bathouses and public restroom stalls and Boy Scouts pup tents, now they want to criminalize your refusal to promote their sex acts rituals. Only you can know your own sexual preference, and if people harass you for being gay, or you’re struggling with your sexuality, you can do something about it. Learn more about why some people are gay, and get the facts about whether it’s natural.People usually describe themselves as gay or homosexual when they find themselves emotionally and sexually attracted exclusively to people of the same sex.Many women who are attracted to other women also choose to use the word lesbian to describe themselves.When people call themselves gay there’s usually a strong sexual and emotional feeling towards people of the same sex, which they don’t feel towards the opposite sex.

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