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In my opinion, five is the magic number of photos to upload to your profile.

Another tip is to head over to your Facebook profile and grab your best, smiling/happy pictures to add to your dating profile.Make sure to caption the photos with the location and date the photo was taken so members will know they’re recent. Studies have shown that when you look to your left, your best emotions will shine.However, if you’re looking to the right in your favorite photo, that’s no problem!Just use some photo editing software or a simple photo editing app to reverse the image to get a left side-facing photo. For the ladies, you should ditch the little black dress so you don’t look like every other profile photo.By Julie Spira, Online Dating Expert and CEO, Cyber-Dating Expert As you get ready for the summer season, there are various aspects of your life to consider freshening up, including your dating profile.Now is a better time than ever to give it a digital facelift in hopes of finding and keeping a connection that lasts well beyond summertime.

As someone who’s been creating dating profiles for two decades, I can tell you that neglecting to refresh your profile and keeping it stagnant usually doesn’t result in a full schedule of dates.Think about your dating profile like this: you’re logging on to it just as you would any other social media profile (i.e. On those platforms, you’re uploading new fun photos and statuses almost every day in an effort to show what your life looks like right now — not from five months or five years ago.You should treat your dating profile no differently.We switch our wardrobes for the season (pack away the wool and break out the white pants and dresses), so let’s do the same in a digital sense for your dating profile. Men and women are visual creatures by nature, it’s just a fact of life!The first thing we see about anyone is their face, so profiles without even one photo just doesn’t cut it.Besides your main profile photo, you should have a handful of other pictures that depict you in different settings and showcase your personality.

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