How to prevent itunes from updating

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There is another limitation that with mavericks, it is even harder to delete, but you can however, disable it.There are two ways of going about this, the direct approach of going through the terminal and the indirect, albeit longer approach. Look to the lower right and you will see a lock, click on it and enter your system password if/when prompted.

Make sure all the entries have read & write access, this is very important.When this is done, simply delete i Tunes as you would any other app, by dragging and dropping it on to trash.Anytime you want it back, you can download it again from the App Store.Make sure you do not follow the same procedure with apps you do not understand, if you do, you are at risk of doing serious damage to the entire system.i Tunes has been the backbone of media management on Apple devices since January 2001.It is the default music player for a Mac as well as a library for your i Tunes purchases, it even has a significance on Windows 8.

To the dismay of numerous i OS owners, you cannot transfer media without it at all.However, there are those who do not rely on i Tunes’ services for their media needs.To them, i Tunes is merely an affectation, an extra appendage with no useful function.If you can relate to that sentiment and wish to rid yourself of this complication, we can tell you how to remove i Tunes from Mac OS X.As you can imagine, this is not as simple as deleting an app.It is a native app and it won’t exactly be easy to delete.