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Some products are better than others, but all that matters is the technique.So if you’re bomb at applying brows, it doesn’t matter if you […] Kate Moss is definitely one of the most well known faces in fashion, but with her career waning and fashion evolving as much as it has over the past few decades, Kate needed a change of routine. Kate told Business of Fashion in her cover story that she is starting […] As more and more rape cases pop up in the news now that we’ve all collectively decided it’s okay to talk about them, one frustrating fact remains the same: no one really knows how to get guys to stop raping.

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We all have other relationships to handle with multiple people on a daily basis in order to maintain our lives.

It doesn’t take multiple text messages or long daily conversations.

(Not to point fingers, but producer Rachel Goldberg just kept ruining things for herself.) Here's how you could be screwing things up. Try some new things on your own, like floral arranging or creative writing, and identify as something more than "so-and-so's girlfriend." 4. Being down on yourself and your inability to find love can quickly become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Bedroom compatibility is obviously important, but how will you know if you haven't discussed each other's needs between the sheets? Even if your guy's interests seem trivial to you, it's important to give him your attention when he's talking about them. When people feel unappreciated, it can lead to resentment (no shocker there), so make sure your significant other feels valued.

Your boyfriend does 99 great things for you, but you just hone in on that of your relationship can help strengthen your connection with bae.

In other words, you'll subconsciously look for ways to prove you're unworthy so you'll think (even super-minor issues like when he texts back with just "K") is cause for concern. It's going to get awkward, but it also needs to happen, so get over it like an adult and have the talk. Not only will it be a great opportunity to connect and gain a deeper appreciation of what your guy's into, but he also just deserves to feel like what he has to say is worthwhile. It only takes about two seconds to say, "Thank you," or, "I love you," but the impact will linger for a much, much longer time.8. The phrase "you can't change someone" sounds about right in theory, but it's not exactly true. The person you fell in love with is not going to be the same person one, five, or 10 years down the road. Your best friend, hairdresser, coworker, therapist, and bikini waxer don't need to hear about your issues with your guy.Like you, they'll evolve, so you can either reject change and slowly grow apart, or embrace newness and stay together.9. Hey, here's a novel idea: Make your partner a priority. The more you talk negatively about your significant other, the more the narrative sticks in your mind and the more damage you can inflict on your relationship.11. Instead of seeing the relationship for what it is right now, you're seeing it for what it could be in the future — and that's a lot of pressure to put on yourself and your boo.It doesn't matter if it's a new guy or your better half, he deserves your attention and time. You might overlook some red-flag deal breakers, like if he's thinking about moving to a different city for work, if you're too busy putting items into a wedding registry.As more and more rape cases pop up in the news now that we’ve all collectively decided it’s okay to talk about them, one frustrating fact remains the same: no one really knows how to get guys to stop raping.We know how to make girls feel like it’s their fault, by urging them to drink […] Brows can make or break any girl’s face.Whether you’re going for a full face beat or like to keep it natural, there are so many different types of brow enhancements.