Internet dating crime statistics

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Internet dating crime statistics - dating site of australia

meet someone other than in a public location, and thousands of people are meeting people online these days. Whether you are choosing to meet people for dates through, or the Tinder dating app, heed the advice of others and think everything through before you meet someone. This past Saturday, Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man accused of raping a woman after they had met on the popular mobile app, Tinder.

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Tinder uses your mobile device’s GPS to determine where you are in the world, and shows you other men or women that are in the vicinity.

You then have the choice to “like” or “pass” on each person that is shown to you.

Apparently, Jacob Hirsch Witz, and the alleged victim had ‘liked’ each other.

They arranged to meet up at her apartment (Rule #1: Meet in a public place).

According to the affidavit, the woman accused Witz of slapping her in the face, tearing her clothes and raping her as she begged him to stop.

She also told the detective that Witz made her delete all of the text messages the two had exchanged and forced her to take a shower while he watched. I got to get out of here.”Does online dating seem so innocent now?

Lastly, he told the woman, according to the woman’s account, “Pretend this did not happen. Men, you can also be the victim of an online predator. Just last week a man in New Orleans East was robbed at gunpoint by a woman that he met on an online social networking website.

Again, this man broke the “rules” as he agreed to meet the woman in the middle of the night / early morning where he was then carjacked by two male accomplices. The whereabouts of the three suspects is still unknown as of the time of this article.

This just in: On Monday, an 18-year-old went to meet up with who he thought was a woman he met online.

It turned out, it was 10 men, four of whom were armed, that came to carjack him.

Further details are not immediately available at this time.

Do you remember actor and model, Dean Kelly’s arrest on rape charges in 2011 in New Orleans?

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