Intimidating teacher names

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Getting Help with Schoolwork Asking for Help with Personal Problems Asking for Help as a Parent Community Q&A It can sometimes be scary or intimidating to ask a teacher for help.Whether you or a student or a parent, you may not know the right way to approach the teacher or even what to say.

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Aristotle - An ancient Greek philosopher who studied under Plato. An appropriate name for your Oriental breed of dog. A great name for the pet dog that has very little hair. This male dog enjoys staring at his reflection in the mirror. Cato - Latin - The person who is knowledgeable and very wise. Demetrius - Greek - A follower of Demeter (the Greek fertility goddess). Delphi - This was a town in ancient Greece containing the oracle of Apollo. Epirus - A region which lies in southern Albania and northern Greece.

Epicurus - An ancient Greek philosopher who promoted sensory pleasure (in moderation).

This dog considers himself very lucky that you adopted him.

Felix - Latin - One who is very fortunate and happy. Greco - "I love the smell of Greek cooking." Hector - One of the bravest Trojan warriors. Helicon - A mountain region in Greece that was the mythological home of the muses.

Menelaus - A king of Sparta and Helen of Troy's husband.

Maximilian or Max - Latin - The greatest or excellence.

Orestes - Greek - A man who comes from the mountain.