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There’s a lot of bad information out there about detecting plugins in Internet Explorer.

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On top of that, some of it still uses VBScript, or even worse, Java Script that writes VBScript.

Since plugin detection itself continues to be necessary in some unique situations, I was determined to find a way to do it that didn’t require constant maintenance.

The problem is that no one quite knows what to look for when dealing with Internet Explorer’s plugins.

Plugins in IE are Active X-based, so there’s no single API for them all—each has its own method of returning, for example, version information.

What this basically means is that while Firefox and other browsers are putting all of their plugin information in one handy place, Internet Explorer is jealously guarding its plugin-related secrets. And we are, um, the Information Security Oversight Office in that analogy. let’s just jump right in with some working detection code. The version method in this case is returns a simple Boolean.* The problem is detecting the version and provider (Microsoft or Sun). The gist is this: to get this information, you must load a Java applet.

* Nicole Lucas adds that “Adobe Acrobat” won’t work with Adobe Reader 8 because Adobe changed the name to “Adobe PDF Plug-In for Firefox and Netscape”. To load the Java applet, you must do it externally. The Active X control that returns version information for Quick Time must be enabled manually in Internet Explorer 7. Although it saves that information for all future visits to that page, the code that follows will typically return for the version number the first time around.

But when an applet is loaded externally, it doesn’t load right away, so any programmatic calls to the exposed class methods must be delayed. Unfortunately, I’ve found no good way to reliably detect the version through Active X alone.

The version number that you do receive isn’t immediately useful.

The Because it’s had so many names (five, that I can count), Real Player is still one of the more inefficient plugins to check for.

Thankfully, they’ve kept the API the same, however, so checking for the version is still just Windows Media Player is probably the easiest one to detect of them all, but also the most unreliable on non-Internet Explorer browsers.

Firefox users will typically be missed here unless they’ve installed the WMP for Firefox plugin.

The relevant version property is methods of detecting plugins in Internet Explorer, but they’re the best I came up with.