Is internet dating a good idea

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Is internet dating a good idea

One of the things that goes with being an SF writer is that people expect you to talk about, well, the future.Last week, engineering consultancy TNG Technology Consulting invited me to Munich to address one of their technology open days.

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Note that this is a long blog entry — even by my verbose standards — so you'll need to hit on the "continue reading" link to see the whole thing.) Good afternoon, and thank you for inviting me here today.

I understand that you're expecting a talk about where the next 20 years are taking us, how far technology will go, how people will use the net, and whether big shoulder pads and food pills will be fashionable.

Personally, I'm still waiting for my personal jet car — I've been waiting about fifty years now — and I mention this as a note of caution: while personal jet cars aren't obviously impossible, their non-appearance should give us some insights into how attempts to predict the future go wrong.

I'm a science fiction writer by trade, and people often think that means I spend a lot of time trying to predict possible futures.

Actually, that's not the job of the SF writer at all — we're not professional futurologists, and we probably get things wrong as often as anybody else.

But because we're not tied to a specific technical field we are at least supposed to keep our eyes open for surprises.

So I'm going to ignore the temptation to talk about a whole lot of subjects — global warming, bioengineering, the green revolution, the intellectual property wars — and explain why, sooner or later, everyone in this room is going to end up in Wikipedia.And I'm going to get us there the long way round ...The big surprise in the 20th century — remember that personal jet car?— was the redefinition of progress that took place some time between 19.Before 1800, human beings didn't travel faster than a horse could gallop.The experience of travel was that it was unpleasant, slow, and usually involved a lot of exercise — or the hazards of the seas.

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