Is laura marano dating calum worthy

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My read of the show is they are going to spring it on the girls that he is gay and find him making out with the male student in charge of props who clearly is gay.It hasn't happened yet, but they are clearly telegraphing it. But the boy exudes a kind of coolness that we don't normally see with possibly young gay men.

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I can't really blame Disney for today's meat market of aggressive show biz parents and the kids they're trying to sell.

Disney as a whole is actually a hell of a lot more gay friendly than they let on.

They cracked me up some years ago when their response to an attempted right wing boycott over their unofficial "gay day" was to offer free "I'm not gay" tee shirts to anyone who complained.

If I'm not mistaken they were among the first to offer benefits to same sex couples too.

Seems every time we bring any of the current crop up (Jonas Bros, Miley, etc) there's something sordid going on. The story seems to have vanished off the internets. I thought it was Cody Linley, Miley Cyrus' costar who pings off the charts.

What secrets has Disney tried/is trying to cover up for the sake of a clean cut image? There were rumblings of a gay sex tape a year or so ago. This isn't about its young stars, but in the 1950's Disney did entice lemmings to jump off a cliff, those starting a rumor that lemming were suicidal creatures.

Hard to believe, but has never been wrong (to my knowledge)Current Disney actress Debby Ryan has been fucking members of various indie bands for years and some of the guys have been much older than her.When she was underage, Disney used to hide what she was doing.After she turned 18, they became cool with her going public with her boyfriends. Garrett Clayton is currently guest starring on The Fosters, the ABC Family show about the lesbian couple who adopt all of these kids.Anyway his role is that of the hunky drama club senior who is the potential love interest of one of the foster kids on the show. What is shocking is how many subtle hints the show is dropping that the kid or the character he plays is gay in the context of the show.The school play the students are performing is Tennessee Williams 'The Glass Menagerie' which his character is really excited about portraying.The foster girl and her friend pine and fight over his attention, yet he doesn't commit to either.

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