Is maryse dating the miz 2016

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, the newly-crowned WWE Intercontinental Champion Zack Ryder would lose his championship to The Miz.

There were rumors in late 2014 of Maryse coming back to WWE, but they were never fully confirmed, and it was mostly forgotten about.While Maryse was still the “sexiest of the sexy” and could easily come back to work for WWE if she wanted, nothing came out of it.Now we know she’s back, but she is sort of only there for a few good reasons.First, she wants to be around her husband more of course.We don’t know why, and we’re still trying to figure that one out.She is also there to take part in WWE’s Diva reality show called .

Obviously, she no longer will, or it would sort of be dumb.The cast will be joined by Naomi once again, who is returning after sitting out all of Season 5.This is good for long-time fans of the show who enjoyed seeing Naomi before.Both Bella Twins, Paige, Natalya, and Eva Marie are all coming back next season as well.Meanwhile, in order to make room for the new girls, Mandy Rose, Alicia Fox, and Rosa Mendes were dropped from this season.Of course, the season right now will finish up, but while this is going on, there is already taping underway for Season 6.