Is peyton list dating anyone

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Is peyton list dating anyone

From Peyton Manning’s mood in light of HGH allegations to the toppling of nearly all of the NFL’s top teams, it was upset Sunday in more ways than one.Here is the Broncos QB’s emotional response, plus analysis of the coin-flipping, perfection-puncturing, playoff-puzzling action of Week 16 Upset Sunday actually began with Upset Saturday Night.

And if you thought you’d ever see “Peyton Manning” and “Al Jazeera” in the same hemisphere, never mind as neighbors in a sentence, well, you’re smarter than I am. That was defined later by Pittsburgh losing in Baltimore, Seattle losing to the Rams for the fourth time in four seasons, and, of course, previously 14-0 Carolina losing in Atlanta.

(Sayeth an indignant Mike Ditka on ESPN: “Al Jazeera is not a credible news organization! But earlier, on Sunday morning inside the Denver Broncos’ practice facility, Manning was the personification of it.

“Yeah, I’m upset,” a rehabbing Manning said after a spirited throwing session with receivers. I was throwing so hard this morning I think I broke some fingers out there.” In a 15-minute conversation from Denver, Manning was alternately angry and emotional and strident and impassioned and defensive about the investigative report by the Qatar-based Al Jazeera—a quite credible and respected international news organization (contrary to Ditka’s assertion), the CNN of the Middle East spreading its news-gathering around the world in recent years.

Al Jazeera used an undercover former Olympic hurdler to ferret out the use of performance-enhancing drugs in global sports.

Part of the investigation connected the hurdler, Liam Collins, with a former intern at an anti-aging clinic in Indianapolis that Manning used in 2011 when he was rehabbing from neck surgeries.

The intern, Charles Sly, said the clinic mailed HGH to Manning’s wife, Ashley Manning, to avoid connecting HGH to Peyton Manning.

Sly last week recanted this admission, and there is so much smoke around Sly and the report and …

well, we’ll get to an increasingly cloudy path to the truth. “I can promise you this is a total fabrication,” he said over the phone, his voice rising and sometimes shaking.

“I simply do not understand how somebody makes up something like this and it becomes a story.

And then the guy admits he made it up and it’s still a story. ” It works because of Sly, and that could turn out to haunt the credibility of the story.

The Al Jazeera reporter on the story—a documentary called “The Dark Side: Secrets of the Sports Dopers” that aired on Al Jazeera on Sunday night—told me Al Jazeera met with Sly for six days.

Reporter Deborah Davies said the network had “approximately 20 hours of footage …

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