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Cristiano Ronaldo: ­debatably the world’s best footballer, 24 years old, Portuguese, perma-tanned, tweezed, primmed, plucked, waxed.

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I first met Cristiano Ronaldo in the small and exclusive Los Angeles night club Villa in July 2008.He was 22 at the time and stood on crutches like a little prince surrounded by his usual entourage of five or six most trusted men.They are the crew he rarely goes anywhere without who he generously pays all travel and ­accommodation costs for on their various escapades around the world.The flashy footballer once spent £30,000 on one weekend in Vegas where he flew himself and five of the crew to meet a gang of Portuguese girls for fun and games.i used him as a TOY Typically Ron will not approach a woman himself, preferring instead to send one of his merry men to do his dirty work for him while he watches on, flashes a toothy smile and offers an ­arrogant wink in their direction.He gives the impression to the ­majority of women he has liaisons with that his ability to speak English is limited. He is entirely able to hold intelligent conversation, but becomes conveniently verbally disabled when being ­confronted by a scorned woman at which point everything becomes “que que que” and “I don’t understand”.

He sent his main man Rogerio to ask me where I was going after the club and if they could all come and have a “sexy time”.

I ­politely declined, offering instead to give ­Ronaldo my number if – and only if – he came and asked for it himself.

Entertained by my unwillingness, he eventually did before loading what can only be described as a white ­limousine party bus full of giggling girls and ­retiring back to the Beverly Hills Hotel with them.

Obviously no one told Ron that it was supremely unfashionable to ride in limousines around Los Angeles any more, particularly white ones.

Ronaldo had just broken up with Spanish model Nereida Gallardo after a relationship of six months but you could definitely not describe this man as heartbroken.

No, he was determined to enjoy all that Los Angeles had to offer.

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