Jennifer love hewitt wilmer valderrama dating

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Jennifer love hewitt wilmer valderrama dating

The actor apparently showed up to an actress' house on the first date, and, after she opened the door, he asked if they could just have sex immediately, because he had to get up early the next day.When Leno told Jennifer who it was, she said that she went out with that guy, too, and he was equally gross with her.

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My immediate guess is Valderrama, but the name that Jay says is really short and it sounds like it has an "s" toward the end. After the break Howard had the guys bring in actor Wilmer Valderrama.Howard said that this guy is getting more pussy than anyone out there.He asked if he pronounces his name Vilmer or Wilmer.Wilmer said it's just ''Wilmer'' but people call him Vilmer for some strange reason.Howard read that Wilmer used to be kind of like the guy Pedro in ''Napoleon Dynamite'' before he learned the language.

Wilmer was born in Miami but he was taken back to Venezuela where he grew up.

He was then brought back to this country and didn't know the language very well. Wilmer said that when he was down in Venezuela, around the age of 14, he was able to get laid. Howard asked him if he was getting any girls during the high school years.

He said he was always trying to figure out how he was going to be able to get a cup of coffee.

He joined a theater department in school and eventually went on to get some commercial work.

After that he got a job on ''That 70's Show.'' Wilmer said that his parents are so proud that they don't ask for anything so he has to take care of them himself. He's got a sister who did a little modeling so she takes care of herself.

He's got a couple of other siblings that he's going to do some stuff for though.

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