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The rain is pitter pattering outside and my window is a blend of fog and raindrops.I wish I could keep that feeling all year long without letting go of the sunshine.

I’ve been a long fan of Brook&Lyn – creative studio of husband-and-wife team, Mimi Jung and Brian Hurewitz.

Mimi Jung has recently brought aside her woven works to launch her own website showcasing the weavings, leaving space for more diverse projects over on Brook&Lyn.

Julia Duffy was born on June 27, 1951 in Ramsey County, Minnesota, USA as Julia Margaret Hinds.

She is an actress, known for Newhart (1982), Femmes d'affaires et dames de coeur (1986) and Looking (2014).

She has been married to Jerry Lacy since June 21, 1984.

He reads the paper every day and then does a routine of what was in the paper.

If he thinks it's funny, it's funny, and he looks for the funny and finds it.

I think it's just because his comedy is timeless and he has a flawless ear for what's funny.

[on why Bob Newhart's comedy career has endured for so long] I'm trying to figure that out, so that I can steal that.

Circle in the Square Theatre: - (85 performances + 21 previews ...

Pieces by Mauro Lanza, Sascha Lino Lemke, Ed Bennett, Roderik de Man, Moritz Eggert, The Beatles, Daniel Moreira, Péter Köszeghy, Daniel Moreira, Benjamin Gordon, Sirah Marinez Alvarez.

Performers: Julia Mihály (voice), Jennifer Hymer, Bernhard Fograscher and Ninon Gloger (Toy Pianos, Piano), Stefan Weinzierl (Drums), Marion Fermé (Recorder).