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Hypnosis is a branch of psychology, and has absolutely zero connection to any religion whatsoever.

There have been countless studies that have proved the efficacy of hypnosis in a wide variety of settings.

Hypnosis was approved for medical use in 1958 by the American Medical Association, and almost all modern hospitals now utilize hypnosis to some degree.

It has a reported 90.6% success rate in stopping smoking.

And those people with greater focus and imagination get much more powerful results with that process.—- “You can get stuck in a hypnotic trance and never wake up!

So we thought we’d send you a quick email and answer a few of the most common myths we find in our inbox.

At that point, you can ‘reprogram’ your thinking patterns.

If a hypnotist tries to tell you to do something that goes against your values, you’ll naturally reject it and jump out of your trance-like state.The hypnotist (or the hypnosis recording) simply facilitates the process.With hypnosis, you simply allow yourself to enter into a state of heightened suggestion.In an article for Psychology Today, Dr Deirdre Barrett, Ph.(The University of Washington School of Medicine.) It was found to be over 30 times more effective than regular weight loss routines.(Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.) It was found to bring ‘immediate’ and ‘significant relief’ to 75% of women who used it to assist with their IBS symptoms, with 80% still reporting improvement up to six years later.(American Psychological Association.) It has also been proven to dramatically reduce migraines, speed up recovery from surgery, reduce the intensity of pain, help overcome drug addiction, relieve chemotherapy symptoms, and lower blood pressure.There has never ever been a single recorded case of this.Usually that will be at the end of the session, when guided to do so by the hypnotherapist.