Kate bosworth who is she dating

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Over the last 15 years, Kate Bosworth has cornered the market in playing wholesome, decent, sweet-natured women with a heart of gold.From her breakthrough role as Anne Marie, the hard-core surfer in Blue Crush, through to Lois Lane in Superman Returns and dutiful daughter Anna, who struggles to come to terms with her mother’s early onset of Alzheimer’s disease in Still Alice, Kate, 32, has morphed into America’s sweetheart.

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Kate can’t hide her glee at finally landing the chance to portray a cool-headed and murderous femme fatale, known only as “Woman”, who tricks her amnesiac husband, played by American Beauty’s Wes Bentley, into believing they are the perfect couple in the stylishly shot film noir.“It’s so absurd and insane when you’re standing there with a bone saw hacking through a body,” she giggles.“I mean, mutilating bodies while wearing a fur coat, it’s so demented, deliciously so. “The most challenging thing about playing a villain is believing in the choices they make.It’s not about playing a twisting-the-moustache-type villain.Every decision she took made sense to her and as someone who is not a psychopath, that was the trickiest thing to understand.”A major factor in saying yes was the chance to work with her husband, director Michael Polish.“I had the good fortune of living in the same house as the director,” she laughs.

“He read it first and we saw something similar in it.

Not many people can be falling asleep and then turn over and say, ‘Oh, I have an idea!

’We wanted to create the tone of Hitchcock, but instead of the blonde being the victim, she is the psycho.

My character wants a family so much, she will do anything to create the perfect family existence.”Kate, who previously dated Orlando Bloom and True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård, met Michael, 44, in 2011 when he directed her in the Jack Kerouac-inspired tale Big Sur.

Within a year, they were engaged, tying the knot in August, 2013.

“I had a sense that he would be one of the most important players in my life,” says Kate.

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