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Online dating can be a beautiful, efficient 21st-century way to find IRL love.If you've ever given online dating a try, you know that whether you're browsing profiles, "super liking" someone or sending that first (or second..third...) message, a whole lot of questions (and frustrations) come up.

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Serial law breaker, Katt Williams, has been arrested AGAIN!Chandler, Williams asked the manager for special seating and when told no, he threw a salt shaker at him.This time the 42-year-old was taken away for fighting in a seafood restaurant in Atlanta called Spondivits.“Once at the location, the officers found an individual bleeding from an injury to his upper lip.He was booked at East Point Law Enforcement Center on a battery charge after busting an employee’s lip with a salt shaker.Interviews of this victim and witnesses were conducted and Katt M.

After posting bail, he was released on Thursday to fight yet again.

Katt Williams has reportedly been caught on camera punching a male teenager, the latest in a string of concerning incidents involving the stand-up.

Various clips have emerged of the incident, said to have taken place in Melrose, Florida, and the US comedian is yet to address the altercation.

In one video available online, Williams, 44, can be seen surrounded by a large group of people while talking to one man dressed in a pink striped shirt.

The Norbit actor can be heard saying: "Well you know what to do then.

You going to stop me on the court," before throwing a punch directly in the unidentified teen's face.

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