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Outfitting players in robotic exo-suits packed with jump jets, cloaking devices, and time-slowing tech, it’s a fresh direction for a franchise that’s seen enormous success keeping itself at least loosely tethered to current events.

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“I had to take a leap of faith with this experience because they hadn’t written it yet.

They had an idea, but they actually wanted me to be a part of [Irons’] development and help guide them through the waters of making sure it felt authentic, or that it wasn’t overblown, or didn’t try to steal too much from other characters I’ve played.”It wasn’t easy.

Spacey has built a career playing power-hungry troublemakers, and Irons certainly stands out as one of the toughest. I asked Spacey who he’d rather have back him in a fight: Irons, Underwood, or the character that earned him his first Oscar, criminal mastermind Keyser Sze that I’ve always found interesting because you never actually see him except being weak and playing this character that’s feeble and has no power at all,” he said.

“The power of that character is only the power you give him in retrospect, because it’s only at the end of the film — when you realize who he is — that you realize the truth has been in front of you the entire time.

But Kevin Spacey isn’t convinced that you know who he is.“One of the things that cracked me up was that when they released the [game] trailer a couple of months ago, there were literally hundreds of people on Twitter and through social media going, ‘Who the hell is Kevin Spacey and why is he in ? “I love doing things that challenge me in a new way, and I love doing things that no one else has done.

This is Spacey’s first foray into video games, but while other celebs have dipped their toes into interactive waters, few have done it while at the helm of a groundbreaking show — in Spacey’s case, he’s still working on . “I love doing things that are unexpected,” he said.

It’s very much in line with me.”That sort of introspective risk-taking has informed Spacey’s recent career.

In 2003, he took leave of Hollywood and moved to London for a decade-long run as artistic director of The Old Vic theater company.

In 2013, he eschewed the traditional networks and went with Netflix to distribute .

Maybe turning up in a video game isn’t that weird, after all?

“In the gaming world, they don’t know me,” he said.

“They might have seen a movie or two that I’ve done, but I’ve made no impression on them at all. So there’s a gigantic new audience for me to play in front of, and that’s fun.” leaps ahead a few decades to 2054.

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