Lance armstrong dating ashley olsen

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Religion is not dead in the US, not even to the extent that it is in Europe. But I guarantee you that these news shows are not pursuing this topic for religious reasons, and that the 65% are not saying “gross” because they are strict in their religions.

The question becomes, why is the media selling sexual pathology if not for religious reasons? But first I would like to point out that no religion ever invented or promulgated taught that a 21-year-old woman was a child.No religion ever invented or lofted down from any godhead ever taught that there was anything wrong with 20-something women dating or marrying 30-something men.It is clear that this Armstrong story would seem very odd to Europeans, who have no requirement that partners be the same age.But it is equally strange to people all over the world, outside the US, of both sexes, who would not understand the problem Miles Mathis The gossip news this week (11/1/07) was led by the report that Lance Armstrong is now dating Ashley Olsen. MSNBC called Armstrong a “loser” for dating a younger woman, and AOL accused him of “robbing the cradle.” In an AOL poll, 65% thought the match was “gross”.Americans, supposedly the most sex-obsessed, sex-drenched people in the history of the world, are clearly not living up to these false labels.

Even the Europeans, who are actually much sexier (although not as sexy as they imagine), think that Americans have more sex, are more sex-obsessed, and are more sex-saturated.Our media may be slightly more sex-saturated, but the majority of Americans are still prudish when it comes to sexual issues, as this flack over Armstrong and Olsen shows.No, much more than that, Americans are still pathological when it comes to sex, and it would be easy to make an argument that they are even more pathological about sex than the Puritans or the Victorians, since their actions are even more confused and illogical.At least the Victorians and Puritans had clear religious reasons for being prudish or frigid or pathological.They were brought up with very strict injunctions, imposed early and consistently.Religion was powerful and pervasive, and a large majority took it very seriously.