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It’s also normal for things to go wrong, but learning from the things that go wrong can help us to be more understanding and a bit more comfortable with the way these feelings work.

Perhaps you say “I love you” on a first date, or try to hold hands right away, or start talking about a future together when the friendship’s still new and tentative.

The truth is, it’s difficult to keep these feelings in perspective.

Strong and sudden emotions make it hard to remember that courtship takes time and that you wouldn’t want to rob a potential relationship of its power by rushing into it.

In the heat of the moment it seems worth it to risk the awkwardness of a rejection, and even though the feelings came on fast, it’s always hard to imagine that they can change just as quickly.

Romance is such a compelling part of human existence that emotionally, it can be credited with some of our highest highs and lowest lows.

It can uplift or depress us, motivate or discourage us.

I think the reason for this is simple: without that strong, miraculous hope that we experience when we first fall for someone, we might not have the courage to do any of the things that ultimately lead to love and fulfillment.

When that hope fails, and it usually does (that’s part of the journey I’m afraid), the natural and obvious consequence is deep disappointment.

This disappointment is discouraging, but it helps us learn and grow.

It teaches us important things about love and prepares us for the next opportunity.

So, trusting in that hope again and again while tempering it with a bit of perspective is a healthy way to approach dating.

Seeing that hope in someone else and letting it spark a bit of hope in you is also healthy and normal.