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Interpersonal deception theory (IDT) attempts to explain how individuals handle actual (or perceived) deception at the conscious or subconscious level while engaged in face-to-face communication.IDT assumes that communication is not static; it is influenced by personal goals and the meaning of the interaction as it unfolds.

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Intentional deception requires greater cognitive exertion than truthful communication, regardless of whether the sender attempts falsification (lying), concealment (omitting material facts) or equivocation (skirting issues by changing the subject or responding indirectly).IDT explores the interrelation between the sender's communicative meaning and the receiver's thoughts and behavior in deceptive exchanges.IDT views deception through the lens of interpersonal communication, considering deception as an interactive process between sender and receiver.In contrast with previous studies of deception (which focused on the sender and receiver individually), IDT focuses on the dyadic and relational nature of deceptive communication.Behaviors by sender and receiver are dynamic, multifunctional, multidimensional and multi-modal.Dyadic communication is communication between two people; a dyad is a group of two people between whom messages are sent and received.

Relational communication is communication in which meaning is created by two people simultaneously filling the roles of sender and receiver.

Dialogic activity is the active communicative language of the sender and receiver, each relying upon the other in the exchange.

In psychotherapy and psychological counseling, dyadic, relational and dialogic activity between therapist and patient relies on honest, open communication if the patient is to recover and be capable of healthier relationships.

Deception uses the same theoretical framework in reverse; the communication of one participant is deliberately false.

Sigmund Freud studied nonverbal cues to detect deception about a century ago.

Freud observed a patient being asked about his darkest feelings.

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