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Keep an open mind and choose a different coach which may be a better fit for one another.

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As long as you are true to yourself, coaching inevitably brings you to your desired destination of self-improvement and empowerment by accomplishing the goals you've set forth.Life does not adhere to a 9–5 schedule and at Ingenio we understand that.Beyond supporting the coaching communities in their paths to happiness and fulfillment, Ingenio also provides other marketplaces where advisors have the knowledge you seek and are eager to help you through a variety of convenient communication methods: over the phone (toll-free or click-to-call from the web), via mobile, through online text chat or email, one on one.Seek solutions today for: Ingenio's revolutionary idea for an e-commerce based knowledge exchange was formed in the back of a taxi cab and officially launched in 1999.Life is filled with many experiences (good, bad and in between), constant distractions and the occasional feelings of self-doubt. Could you be a better version of yourself for you, your loved ones, your career? We all can and coaching is a method which allows you to reach and surpass your goals.Coaching works because it allows you to: The personal connection you make with your coach is very important.

Look for a Coach who resonates with your personality.Review what other members have to say about their approach to coaching.Take your time, read their profiles, review their credentials and make notes on which coaches might be right for you.The most important thing is to be open to the experience and the process before deciding whether it works for you.Great coaching (and the results) are founded on trust, compassion, understanding and ownership.During your initial session, you might realize this isn't the coach for you which happens from time to time.

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