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December 4, 2006 ( Juan David Torres, 5,5 years- The biggest talent on Earth Watch this 5 year old kid play soccer! His name is Juan David Torres, from Barranquilla, Colombia. Her name is Betty Suarez, the 22-year-old magazine editorial assistant you might know as "Ugly Betty," ABC's fresh and spunky superstar.

The show is one of only a few unquestionable successes of the fall season thanks to its appeal to a multicultural, predominantly female audience. comedy helped put ABC back on the all-important Thursday map without any help from a lead-in show, it also ranks among the top 20 shows with 18- to 49-year-olds, the demographic advertisers covet the most, and ranks as a top 20 show with viewers who earn 0,000 or more, according to Nielsen Media Research.

More than 14 million viewers, mostly women of diverse ethnic backgrounds and ages, have made "Ugly Betty" the No. "To think that last year at this time I was in New York doing some research, sitting at a Starbucks, writing the first few scenes of this pilot," creator Silvio Horta said. But I guess it just goes to show that this character's strength, honesty and optimism seems to resonate.

She's really tapped into a void." The show, inspired by one of the most popular telenovelas in history, the Colombian "Yo Soy Betty, la Fea", has been a smash hit everywhere it has been re-made, including Russia, India and Germany, and its most recent incarnation on Spanish-language television, "La Fea Más Bella" on Univision. The Golden Lion Award for cities is awarded to Bogota, Colombia.

It seems it was only a matter of time before Americans fell in love with the bespectacled, bushy-browed, braces-wearing Betty, played with aplomb by America Ferrera ("Real Women Have Curves" and "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"). This city has in the last decades addressed the problems of social inclusion, education, housing and public space especially through innovations in transport.

Comedies don't typically compel fans to take to the Web the way serialized dramas such as "Lost" and "Heroes" do. November 9, 2006 ( Bogotá is awarded the Golden Lion Award for cities at the Venice Biennale ... Bogota has applied Mies van der Rohe’s dictum ‘less is more’ to the automobile: less cars means more civic space and civic resources for people.

The city provides a model for streets which are pleasing to the eye as well as economically viable and socially inclusive.

Bogotá is, in short, a beacon of hope for other cities, whether rich or poor.10th International Architecture Exhibition The 10th International Architecture Exhibition runs until November 19, directed by Richard Burdett. Architecture and society, this edition focuses on the key factors facing large scale metropolitan areas around the world.The official prizes were awarded on November 8 in Venice.November 8, 2006 ( Colombian native elected for Minnesota State Senate Colombian Patricia Torres Ray, from Pasto, Narino, has been elected for the Minnesota State Senate District 62.In one of the city’s most stunning political stories in recent memory, Patricia Torres Ray early this year captured the DFL endorsement in Senate District 62, leapfrogging over City Council Member Scott Benson and six other candidates vying to succeed retiring state Sen. Because she faced little competition from Republican or Green Party candidates in November, Torres Ray, 42, will become the first Latina woman ever to serve in the state senate when she takes office in January.Patricia Torres Ray is very humble about her meteoric political ascension, is proud of her roots in rural Colombia, and has a social vision for Minneapolis and her adopted state. I garden, hike, bike, dance and canoe for relaxation." "I believe the most important responsibility of any society, and of any government toward its people, is to provide an environment where all children have an opportunity to grow up to be productive citizens.

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