Lindsey vonn and tim tebow dating

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Lindsey vonn and tim tebow dating - a a dating

Some rumors are pointing to photo ops taken together by Tebow and Vonn at the 2011 ESPY’s in June as evidence of their courting.If I might take a moment to insert opinion here: Does anyone seriously think Tim freaking Tebow would date a married woman?

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Buzz really gained steam this past week after Vonn celebrated a World Cup skiing event.

After collecting the ‘W,’ Vonn dropped to one knee in a celebratory Tebow after winning the World Cup race in nearby Beaver Creek, CO.

Vonn says that Tebow’s brother Robby was in attendance at the race, and she asked for and was given his blessing to perform the celebration. Just because I `Tebow,’ doesn’t mean I’m dating him.

After researching this, we just found out that Robby is a member of Vonn’s “Vonn-tourage,”“I am single. I said that if I won in Colorado, I would `Tebow’ because I admire what he’s doing.

Lindsey Vonn is battling to quell rumors that she’s secretly dating miracle Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

The spellbinding Olympic skier, who just announced she is divorcing her husband of four years, Thomas Vonn, was sitting in the Tebow family box during Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears.

Tebow, who once announced he was “saving himself for marriage,” sparked rumors in the sports world he was doing exactly the opposite by also hanging out with Vonn at the ESPYs and at ski races. But a rep for Vonn, who caused a stir by posing in a bikini in Sports Illustrated, told Page Six, “Lindsey is just friends with the Tebow family.Anyone who is trying to suggest any more to their relationship is wrong.” Vonn herself tweeted, “Hearing a lot of crazy rumors but rest assured I am not dating Tim Tebow (or anyone else).” Unfounded rumors about a hookup between supernaturally skilled Tebow and downhill demon Vonn have popped up online, with one site even suggesting that the quarterback was a factor in her divorce.Following Sunday’s game, Vonn wrote in the Denver Post: “A lot of people are wondering what’s up with me and the Tebows. I met Tim and his brother Pete at the ESPY Awards like three or four years ago in the gym — we were working out there. It’s pretty awesome to be able to hang out with them — and to be able to witness the amazing things Tim and the Broncos can do.“I spent more time with Tim and his brother at the V Foundation Golf Tournament, and this year at the ESPYs.” She added, “I pretty much know their whole family now . I really get inspired by other athletes.” A rep for Tebow didn’t get back to us.Rumors have been spreading over the last few days that Denver Broncos QB and Sports Center regular Tim Tebow is dating Olympic skiing superstar Lindsey Vonn.In November, Vonn announced that she and husband/manager Thomas Vonn were divorcing after four years of marriage.