Lithuania web cam chat

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Lithuania web cam chat

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The largest Baltic country, Lithuania, is situated in Northern Europe. Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Belarus and Poland are close neighbors of Lithuania. The largest city of Lithuania, Vilnius, is its capital too.

Lithuania became independent after being governed by Germany and Russia in the year 1918.

However, Lithuania was again occupied by The Soviet Union between the years 19.

Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic States in northern Europe.

It only gained independence from Russia in 1991 and the final Russian troops left in 1993.

Previous to being part of the Russian Empire it was part of Poland and it retains many of those cultural and religious influences.

Its capital city is Vilnius, which is the European Capital of Culture for 2009.

You can see why from some of the webcams which are focused on the city sights.

According to Lithuanian legend, on Christmas Eve at midnight all the animals can speak.

It is celebrated with a traditional dinner which has 12 courses which are fish and vegetarian-based.

Important visitors are greeted with a loaf of bread and a pinch of salt, both considered important, so be prepared!

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