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This is a great way to give a present to a friend or loved one.You can put tickets inside and set the magic location to the museum, aquarium, stadium, train station (DO NOT set a location that requires plane travel! Because the box is intended for a specific person, the prize can be far more special than in a traditional geocache.

There is also a usb drive with information on all of the electronics and software.This enables the recipient to reprogram the box, change the destination, customize the LCD messages, replace the prize, and re-gift the box to another friend, loved one, or trustworthy stranger.You can even leave a url somewhere inside the box where users can enter their names and destination locations enabling every user to track the life of the box!This was my first time using GPS and LCD modules as well as my first time working with relays.This project and future projects can be found at my website where you can also find my blog. Easy FTDI USB interface hardware explained in step 10 Easy FTDI USB interface programming explained in step 13 NEW code uploaded works perfectly with speaker output!see step 13 For those not familiar with geocaching, it is a wonderful treasure hunt/ adventure game for grownups and kids!

Traditionally one finds a set of coordinates and cryptic clues on a website that hosts geocache locations.Using a hand held GPS device, one simply tromps off into the wilderness (or busy city intersection) and uses the power of observation and clue solving to find a hidden box usually with a prize inside! The Traveling Geocache still requires the user to get to a specific set of GPS coordinates but the hand held device is replaced by the Traveling Geocache itself.It is a locked box with an LCD display and one button.Upon pressing the button an intro screen welcomes the user to the Traveling Geocache and then displays the distance in kilometers from the target location.If the distance is larger than the programmed margin of error radius, the LCD informs you that access is denied.The box will not unlock until it is brought to the correct location!