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There has been much discussion among fans and critics of Facebook regarding what technically classifies as ‘cheating’ when it comes to the social network, so we’ll avoid treading that ground again here.Instead, let’s avoid definitions of cheating and look at the that a spouse could well be cheating (however you define it) using Facebook as a tool (or weapon, depending on how you look at it).

But if your spouse has no valid reason to have one, and yet you see them logging in and out of Facebook a lot, it could be a sign that they’re hiding something.

There are plenty of examples of cheating spouses using alternate profiles in order to keep their activities hidden from their partners – so if you see yours on a profile with a different profile image, or you see them logging in and out a lot – there could be something going on. These are all valid questions that may pervade your thoughts in such situations.

Sign #2: They’re reluctant to let you see their screen when using Facebook It’s always frustrating when somebody won’t let you see their computer screen, no matter what they’re doing. In an open and honest relationship, your spouse should have no regular cause to avoid you seeing their screen (unless it’s your birthday, or some other occasion that may require privacy).

But if your spouse is hiding something, like an affair for example, they may well want to avoid your eyes landing on their screen at any time – so be cautious if you spot this behaviour in your relationship.

Sign #3: Their profile page has little to no activity Most people that use Facebook on a regular basis will have at least some activity on their feed. Heck, even those people that use Facebook exclusively to enjoy the many benefits of gaming will have some form of post on their profile (you’ve seen the various farm animals being bought and sold, right? That means that if your spouse’s profile page is devoid of activity, even from gaming, they may well be deleting activity as it happens – or blocking you from seeing it entirely.

Little to no activity on a regular Facebook user’s profile is a big red flag.

Sign #4: They use Facebook far more than the average person, or from multiple devices Everyone that uses Facebook accesses it in different volumes: some do it once a day, others once an hour, and there are even those who check it just once a month.But whatever the case, a cheating spouse who is using Facebook as a facilitator will often use the site far more than other people.So if you’re seeing them on Facebook a lot more than usual, or you’re seeing them accessing the site from different devices (their smartphone, for example), you have to start asking questions.A light (or regular) Facebook user will have no reason to check the site more than once or twice a day – even if they have thousands of friends, so be prepared to raise the issue with them and find out what’s really going on.Don’t forget: there could always be a reasonable explanation, even if your spouse exhibits every single one of these signs, so don’t be afraid to bring it up with them.As always, communication is vital in any relationship, so if you’re worried about your spouse being a Facebook cheat – ask them about it.