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So, I do my best to respect others and their choices. This has nothing to do with mods or no mods, it has to do with the fact that this is suppose to be an adult community, but is filled with many children thinking this is just a playground. All I can say is that I am very disappointed in how things are going. True human bond requires much more than a remote communication. Even in a game with sex elements it is not the only way to play this game.

We however, can understand the needs of each other and try to comply WITHOUT compromising our own needs. Some come online to chat with friends some get online to have sex. must do it in pm ( i dont talk here of one or two sentences wrote time to time , but of long rp spamming the local/world chats ) I for myself have no problem with public rp or sex but that is only my personal opinion. more and more people make private "partys" at home and the public locations are getting more and more empty. To everyone else: As long as there is no group chat or special rp chat in a location keep your sex rp for yourself ... The ignore button is not a solution , saying "you dont like seeing rp spamming , just ignore people" sound like "feel free to stop the game"To me , untill there is group chat , the ones wanting sex rp , fantasy rp etc .... we can chat with a person in pm in any location so why cant I open a chat with someone from my friendlist. I mean , My "familly" in game is my friendlist as all of us i think . And most of families try to impose their idea of respect forgetting to respect others . We are not a big familly , we are many "small families" .The ignore button shouldn't be used as a button for clearing out messages I dont want to read ...

this should be the last resort to to get rid of annoying people.

I would like people to indeed keep their RP private or invite people to their place if they intend to involve more than two people in their fun.

Chatting in three different tabs simultaneously when having an orgy is a little tiresome. As much as I like 3dx and the people I know there I have found it to be a little "cliquey" with lots of small groups of people that may hold grudges against others.

However, in some cases of subs having to say things in public for their D/s role play I'm ok with it. And yes, please forbid people from having sex on the bloody dance floor.

People could slip and break something when dancing you know.

TL: DR : I just wish people had more decency and common sense. I'm not sure where in the rules it bans sex chat in local, I maybe wrong. If I'm in the same room I would either be involved in some way or In pm with a friend in which case I'm not watching local anyway.

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