Mail updating cache directory

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5 introduces new methods for enabling a web site or web application to function without a network connection.

The application cache is controlled by a plain text file called a manifest, which contains a list of resources to be stored for use when there is no network connectivity.The list can also define the conditions for caching, such as which pages should never be cached and even what to show the user when he follows a link to an uncached page.If the user goes offline but has visited the site while online, the cached resources will be loaded so the user can still view the site in a limited form.By carefully considering the contents of your manifest file, you can offer a suitable web experience to a disconnected user.heading to take advantage of the default behaviour.I have provided the browser with four paths relative to the root of the domain plus one external resource.

When the browser downloads the cache manifest file, it will read these five resources, fetch them over , and store them for later use.Every single resource that you want to cache explicitly should be listed here, right down to the last image.The browser is not aware of a resource unless you provide the full path to it. If you list s for every single page on your site into your manifest!When a user visits a page that points to the manifest file, that page will also be cached.This means that if you want to allow users access to pages they’ve already viewed, just make those pages point to the manifest file and the browser will cache them appropriately.Now let’s tell the browser what to do with uncached resources. Now when an offline user requests a resource that matches “/”, he will be served “offline.html” in its place.

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