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Wilson's House Resolution 2232 has no co-sponsors, and because this tyrant is a Democrat trying to increase federal desecration of personal liberty in a Republican-majority congress, her bill presumably doesn't have a huge chance of actually passing.But the fact that it has even been proposed is cause enough for concern.

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This means that, should mandatory vaccination legislation ever come to be in the U.S., adults as well as children could be forced into getting jabbed with poison cocktails that may result in permanent injury or death."H. 2232 defies the de facto vaccine standard of the developed democracies, which allow parents to make the final choice," warns the Autism Action Network."There are no such things as required vaccines in Canada, Japan, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Israel, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, etc."To let Rep. Saenz, Esq., SMART Recovery Board of Directors At SMART Recovery, we believe that there is no right or wrong path to recovery, and that individuals seeking recovery have the highest chance of success when they have the opportunity to choose the pathway (or combination of pathways) that best suits them.(Natural News) Your God-given right as a parent to choose the best and safest medical interventions for your children is under attack by a Democratic congresswoman from Florida. Wilson from Florida's 24th District (North Miami) recently introduced the "Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015," which in a nutshell would force vaccinations on all children as a requirement to attend public school.No longer would parents have the freedom to opt out of this form of medical assault using personal or philosophical exemptions. Wilson's bill to basically scrap these exemptions in order to continue receiving federal funding, which amounts to the same kind of tyranny our nation's founders sacrificed their lives to escape."Wilson's bill, if passed, would for the first time establish a federal vaccination requirement to attend school," reports the Autism Action Network.

"Current vaccines policies are set by the states, but with the increasing federal control over schools with No Child Left Behind and the Common Core, Wilson's bill maybe [sic] an indicator of what is coming." Verbiage from the bill reads as follows: For a State or a political subdivision or other public entity of a State to be eligible to receive a grant under this section, the applicant shall demonstrate to the Secretary's satisfaction that...

the State requires each student enrolled in one of the State's public elementary schools or public secondary schools to be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

As you'll notice, there's no mention whatsoever of parental involvement in this important decision-making process.

The State, assuming the role of every child's guardian, will have sole discretion in dictating how many vaccines a child receives and when.

It's the epitome of despotic government overreach in the name of public health."This [bill] would be an unprecedented expansion of the federal government into an area of law and policy long recognized as the preserve of the states," adds the Autism Action Network.

"It ignores the principle of informed choice as the bedrock of any ethical medical procedure, and eliminates any parental say over what is injected into their child's body." As of this writing, Rep.