Maryland bans online dating chatting

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Maryland bans online dating chatting

Usually referred to as Joe, he has been admin'ing and moderating communities since 2004.

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He also finds the fact that he's writing in the third person right now a little strange.

He wants to thank all the staff and regulars for helping create something that he is both proud to be part of and still in awe of. Also don't be offended if I am shit at answering your messages, I am always trying to do multiple things and sometimes Steam Messages slip through, feel free to add me, as long as you're not an ass.

Now this is a bio all about how My admining got flipped turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there And read how I became the head admin here In East Arizona born and raised On the computer is where I spent most of my days Chillin' out tradin' jokin' all cool And all adminin' being a fool When a specific guy was up to no good Started makin' sentences who no one understood We got in one little fight and I didn't care And so I left to a place that couldn't compare.

I begged and pleaded with Joe day after day But he ignored and sent me on my way I gave him suggestions for a community that would be fit He got some balls and said I might as well quit First week yo this is awesome Creatin' a server thinkin what it might become Is this what we should have done a long time ago? I've been with Harpoon Gaming for quite some time now.

Hmmm this might really grow But I start searchin, coding and all that Is this the type of place that I should code at? Slow has always been addicted to playing video games but always thought PC gaming was lame until one day, one special day, he heard a couple of his friends talk about "Team Fortress 2" and so he decided to check it out one day when he returned home. He goes on Team Fortress every single day, being his favorite game of all time. Slow is currently a high school student, he has always wanted to become a police officer when he grows up. I am happy that I have found this community, I made many friends here, many enemies here, enjoyed the different maps, loved the staff, hated the bans (lol), donated and so on.

I think so I'll start learning somewhere I hope they're prepared for crashes everywhere Well the coding improved and plugins came out There was a plugin that made my name stand out I ain't tryin' to brag yet I just got here I imagined what my coding would be like in a year. Many awesome memories with certain people haha, growing up with Harpoon.

I kept at it and coding became clear The server became popular and I made plugins appear! Since so many ask, the name came from a nickname I had back at school all those years ago and due to my lack of creative talent I ended up using it as my Steam handle. Thank you to all people, regulars, donators, staff, and all of you for making Harpoon into something huge and awesome. Jacob is a staff member on Harpoon gaming as you can probably tell from the tab you are under.If anything I could say that this community was rare But I thought lets make it special, No one could compare! I see the servers always full of players Looking at this place over the year, I'm glad my home is right here. I've been helping manage TF2 communities for nearly 6 years now, mostly keeping the now long running and event server going. I am proud to be part of the staff team, working and helping out a community that I have been part of for a long period of time is amazing. I just wanted to trade a strange item away when I visited the server, not look for a community to stay with. He enjoys playing games such as TF2, TTT, Ad Venture Capitalist, and more!It's seen quite a few name changes in its past and is slowly leaving us as the community a whole changes, but that dosen't mean my job here is done. You can usually find him on the TTT server as he doesn't really go outside much because of medical issues. The A in my name has taken over where the E is supposed to be and has also left it's original location for reasons unknown but generally preferred.I help manage Harpoon, Maintain servers, and code stuff (The donator system is mine Um... That is really all there is to Jacob, he is pretty boring :p A Bio is required and ultimately desired, if Sargent doesn't make one eventually, He's likely to get fired (I'm not). Let's talk about this guy, he was first introduced to the community mid 2012 by his very old friends who he is still friends with to this day.Throughout his journey, he had always wanted to get better but less so than he wanted to help.Sarge has always had a caring spot in his heart and has since done his best the past few years to make a place in the community so they can find a guy to rely. Co Trading as a Moderator before retiring recently due to personal reasons.

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