Michael jordan who is he dating

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Michael jordan who is he dating - texas dating new mexico

Here are 23 (Jordan's number when he played for the Chicago Bulls) facts about Yvette Prieto, the woman who makes number 23, Michael Jordan, one happy camper. The two were engaged last week and plan a 2012 wedding.

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The Jordan-Prieto home only has a modest three bedrooms. It took her two years to fix her financial situation. Prieto’s first voter registration says she was a Republican. She later switched her party affiliation to Independent. The model once lived in the trendy South Beach area in Euclid Ave. Jordan proposed to Prieto over the Christmas holiday. Rumors were swirling that the two were celebrating in the French Rivera. Prieto is said to have gone to school for business management. She worked at her dad’s company before launching her modeling career. Back in 2003 Iglesias said the Prieto was “fantastic,” “loving,” “simple” and “a very good person.” #20. A little over a year since her divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie is back in the dating game.It has been a little over a year since Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise took a trip to splitsville.

Since then, she's kept her romantic engagements on the down low.But now those days seem to be gone with multiple sources surmising that Katie is dating a fellow actor, according to an In Touch report."Katie and [SPOILER] have been dating for a while," an insider tells In Touch, before adding, "They're very about their romance." Apparently they're not keeping it too under wraps, though.After all, the actor reportedly grabbed Katie's butt while the pair were spending time in the Hamptons in August."She was flattered, but not interested," a source said at the time. Word is the new couple have recently been hanging out at the 34-year-old actress' New York City apartment and at the actor's room at the Trump Soho Hotel.Seeing as the 45-year-old Foxx is a close friend of Katie's ex-hubby of five years, we wonder how Cruise will take the news.The more important question, however: What will Suri think of her mom's potential new beau? To find out who Katie is dating, check out Wetpaint: Are Katie Holmes And [SPOILER] Dating?