Middle age women dating younger men

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Middle age women dating younger men - appropriate dating age calculator

Companionship studies show that 25% of men and women who are baby boomers are single, so for those looking to meet a significant other in this age group, there are plenty of choices.

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Fifty is the perfect stage of life for women, and men are seeking them out for relationships.They are mature, working (at least looking to) and for the most part are empty nesters.Women in their 50s have lived life and are a bit more reality-based then their younger counterparts.The best news is that their biological clock is done ticking, so no fear of more little ones!Listen up ladies: 50 is the new perfect milestone in the dating world, and the men want you.The fact is that in 2013, middle-aged women just don’t look like they did 30-plus years ago: dowdy, housebound and watching soap operas.

These women are worldly, and have degrees that they actually use, while looking young and fabulous.Gone are the days when middle-aged women walk around in gabardine pantsuits and silk shirts, sporting short hair and way too much foundation.Today, these ladies might be wearing ripped jeans, and a hip and cool flowy top, sporting long hair with highlights and a Brazilian wax (for only some to see).The modern sexy woman may also be a business leader.Yes indeed, 50 is definitely the new 40 (if not 35).Women’s looks, attitude, education and drive for success are drawing in men of all ages, who want to date them.

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